25 Year Limit on Registrations Brings Fairness to New Creators

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The PLR Program operates based on registered claims received from creators: a share claim represents an eligible creative contribution (writing, translation, illustration, or photography) to an eligible title.

In 2018, the PLR Program will accept claims for titles published up to May 1, 2018. Starting in program year 2019-20, the PLR Program will only accept claims for work that appears in an eligible title published within the past five years. In 2019, only claims for work published in 2014 or later will be considered.

A share claim can range from 10% to a full 100% of a title’s PLR payment. Up to 6 contributors to a single title may make a claim and share in the proceeds from that title.

Different contributors sometimes register their claims for the same title in different program years. For instance, the writer of a picture book may submit her initial claim in 2015, and the illustrator may submit his claim in 2016. Each creator is eligible to receive a share of the title’s payment. However, we do not retroactively compensate the illustrator for the period before he registered. A creator must register to be eligible for his or her percentage share payment.

If contributors to the same title register in different years, the same claim may remain active for one creator but be deactivated for another, based on the date of each person’s claim.

From now on, claims will remain active for a maximum of 25 years. This is a logical and fair means to ensure that there will always be funds within the PLR Program to compensate new creativity.

Once a claim has been registered for 25 years, we will retire (remove) the claim. Once all eligible claims connected to a title have been retired, the title will no longer be included in our yearly catalogue searches.