Eligibility does not guarantee a payment

Title eligibility does not always lead to payments.

  • You must have eligible titles registered with the program.
  • One or more of your titles must appear in the collections of this year’s sampled libraries.
  • The total calculated payment for your titles must be at least $50.
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Are you eligible?


You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Type of Creator

You must be a:

  • Writer
  • Editor (note: only editors with original written contributions qualify)
  • Translator
  • Photographer, or
  • Illustrator

Is your book eligible?


Your book must be a printed book or e-book and have an ISBN. Not sure if your book has an ISBN?

Your book must be at least 48 pages long (24 for a children’s book)

Eligible Books

Eligible genres

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Children’s literature
  • Non-fiction
  • Scholarly work

Ineligible genres

  • Practical books — Cookbooks, self-help, “how-to” guides, travel guides, manuals, reference works, etc.
  • Educational books — textbooks, books resulting from a conference, seminar or symposium
  • Periodicals — Newspapers, magazines
  • As a new title: a second or subsequent edition of an eligible book, unless at least 50% of this edition constitutes completely new text, not revised text;
  • a practical book giving advice or instructions, a self-help or “how-to” book; a manual or guidebook on any subject (e.g. travel, nature, cookbook, etc.);
  • a professional guide such as legal, technical, medical, scientific, pedagogical, accounting or financial guide;
  • a book designed primarily for an educational market;
  • a list of any kind or short segments of information are brought together in a list format (directory, index, compilation, bibliography, dictionary, atlas, encyclopaedia, genealogy, etc.);
  • a book resulting from a conference, seminar or symposium;
  • the catalogue of an exhibition;
  • a newspaper, magazine or periodical;
  • an unpublished work (e.g. thesis, manuscript);
  • electronic file, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.;
  • as a new title: a second or subsequent edition of an eligible book, unless at least 50% of this edition constitutes completely new text, not revised text;
  • a report, survey or program evaluation;
  • a title prepared for or published by a governmental or paragovernmental organization, institution or corporation;
  • wholly or mainly a musical score;
  • a calendar, agenda, colouring book, quiz book or game;
  • a book created for your employer in the course of your employment.

Is your contribution eligible?

There can be no more than six contributors to the book (this excludes editors and translators, but includes illustrators and photographers).

If you are the sole creator of a book, you may claim the whole PLR payment.

If your book has been translated, you may claim up to 50% for each translated version. You must register each translated version separately.

If you are a coauthor, we will calculate your PLR payment according to the size of your contribution.

You may claim a percentage of the PLR payment. The percentage will depend on the space your photos or illustrations take up in the book.

For children’s books (24-32 pages), you may claim 50% of the payment (33% if a translator also worked on the project.)

You may claim up to 50% of the total PLR payment for most titles.

For illustrated children’s books (24-32 pages), you may claim 33%.

If multiple translators worked on the book, you must share the translator percentage amount.

If you are the sole editor, you may claim 20% of the PLR payment.

Your name must be on the title page or copyright page.

You must be the sole editor or one of two co-editors.

You must have contributed original written work which amounts to at least 10 pages and 10% of the book’s text. This can be a preface, an afterword, notes on the text or another written contribution in the body of the book. The work must be identified as yours in the table of contents. Notes on the contributors, indices, timelines, glossaries, bibliographies or tables of contents do not count.

Download the Full Eligibility Criteria

Appeals process

If we decide your book is not eligible for the program and you disagree, you can appeal the decision by

  • sending us a copy of the work, and
  • submitting a letter explaining how it meets the eligibility criteria.

The copy will be returned to you after the appeal process.

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