Registration is currently closed

Registration will open February 15, 2022. Registrations received outside of the registration period will be returned to you.

Register titles, editions or formats

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We only accept registrations during the regular registration period from February 15 to May 1 (with date of postmark as proof). Registrations received outside of the registration period will be returned to you.

To add new titles to your file, you must use the File Update form we will mail to you in February and send it to us before May 1.

To add new audiobook titles to your file, return to the website during the registration period to download the Audiobook Registration Form. You must mail your completed form with your File Update form, which we will mail to you in February, and send it to us before May 1.

Titles are eligible for payments for 25 years from the date of registration. The formats or editions of a book already registered are used for library searches, but do not change the length of time a title is registered.

A publication subsequent to the 25 year registration period may be submitted to the Program as a new book. It must have a new ISBN.

Notice of File Closure

All registered titles, including editions that correspond to the initial PLR claim for a work, are retired following 25 years. You will receive notice of the closure of your file when all titles in your file have reached 25 years and will be retired from the Program.

Reactivating your file

In the event that a new edition of your book is published AFTER the 25-year limit and that it has a new ISBN, you may register it as a new publication and we will re-activate your file.

You may also register any new work that has been published within the past five year period and that has not previously been submitted to PLR.