How to Calculate Your Percentage Share

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What is Percentage Share?

Your percentage share is the calculation of how much you contributed to an individual title or edition.

How is it used?

The percentage share helps the PLR program divide payment for a title between all the creators who contributed to it.

For example, if a book is co-authored by 3 writers, the PLR payment for the book will be divided among the authors based on how many pages of text each contributed.

How to Calculate Your Percentage Share

Eligibility & Validation

To be eligible for the program, your percentage share must be at least 10%. Your percentage share will be validated by PLR staff after you register a title.

If you are the sole creator of an eligible title other than a children's book, your percentage share is 100% (50% for translated works).

If the book is translated, you and the translator can each claim 50% of the PLR payment for the translation.

If you are the author of an illustrated children's book, you and the illustrator each receive 50% (33% if a translator is also involved).

If you are a co-author, your percentage share reflects your contribution to the title; if you write 30 pages of a 100-page book, your percentage share is 30%.

If you are the sole translator of an eligible title, you may claim 50% of the PLR payment (33% for children's books where an illustrator also contributes).

If more than one translator contributed, you must divide the percentage share among the translators.

As an illustrator or photographer, you may claim a percentage that reflects the space your photos or illustrations occupy within the title.

For a children's book between 24-32 pages, you will receive 50% of the PLR payment (33% if a translator also contributes).

If you are an editor and you have contributed sufficient original written content to a title (see Eligibility if you're not sure what this is) you may claim 20%.

If you are a co-editor, you and your co-editor each claim 10%.