Creator Payments 2022-23

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Statistics – February 2023

Overview of the 2022-23 PLR Program

Registered authors: 20,555

Authors receiving payments: 18,192

Eligible titles in PLR database: 91,712

Titles found: 82,673

Total amount paid to authors: $14,799,642.13

Minimum author payment: $50.00

Maximum author payment: $4,500.00

Average author payment: $814.00

Median author payment: $402.85

Distribution of Author Payments

Payments by Province and Territory (2022–23)
Province Number of authors Total Paid
Newfoundland and Labrador 249 $158,170.41
Nova Scotia 653 $451,737,41
Prince Edward Island 74 $55,697.65
New Brunswick 445 $264,476.55
Quebec 7,235 $6,479,625.93
Ontario 4,905 $3,817,716.33
Manitoba 387 $251,297.57
Saskatchewan 330 $231,619.22
Alberta 916 $731,616.26
British Columbia 2,487 $1,911,014.49
Northwest Territories 19 $8,948.93
Yukon 25 $15,925.30
Nunavut 4 $3,123.40
Outside Canada 463 $418,672.68
Total 18,192 $14,799,642.13

Library sampling

PLR payments are determined based on how often a title shows up in an annual survey of select public library system catalogues across Canada. We survey each participating system for all eligible titles.

Calculating the payments

PLR payments are calculated using a four-category payment scale. The categories correspond to the number of years that a title has been registered with the program. This year, for any title found in the PLR’s library sampling, the payment was calculated as follows:

Year Title was Registered with PLR Payment if Title Found
Category I: 2018-2022 $60.67
Category II: 2013-2017 $48.54
Category III: 2008-2012 $42.47
Category IV: 1998-2007 $36.40

The amounts in this scale apply to authors claiming 100% of a PLR payment. In situations where there is more than one eligible contributor to a book, payment is calculated based on the percentage of the book’s content that was claimed.

Re-Activated Files: An author whose file is re-activated will receive payments based on the category corresponding to the original date of registration of their titles.